Wild Human Initiative

moderated - created 04/24/05
a tribe of free-spirited wild humans who believe in personal empowerment and cultural transformation.

The Wild Human Initiative represents a growing movement to reclaim
our natural humanity, with all the blessings and blemishes that come
with it. This movement seeks to provide each other and everyone with
opportunities to experience once again what it truly means to be
human. The members of this movement believe we can only know what it
means to be human by living within a context of community, whether
online or by living together in place and space.

This movement seeks to create viable Wild Human communities from
Coast to Coast and continent to continent. This is a movement
focused on empowerment and transformation, by working with what is
real and by living in ways we find magical. Thus, we took our own
Wild Human initiative and launched this grassroots nonprofit to
represent that movement, to promote, advocate, and spread Wild
Humanism to every heart wanting to know about it and be part of it.

Our networks and interconnections are increasingly important as we seek to actually
manifest our visions in real time and space. I can think of the new world rising, the rainbow family, tribaltek, peace conspiracy, one love tribe,,, hip
forums, fellowship of intentional communities, the hippie museum,
the Beyonders, and many more, who are actively doing what we are
doing, in the ways that we live, love, laugh, learn, liberate, and
so on. RSS Feed what is XML?

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North Carolina
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